Fun Stuff

Ah, the exciting and stylish life of an author.

Yesterday was spent in the garden. While two hunky heroes took down my old wooden garden fence and put up a lovely new one – waves at Danny and Rob – I attacked a huge cactus that had overtaken my front garden. I can now see out of the living room window.


Today is sunny here in Hampshire and I have to focus on :

* Working through the new story idea which has been noodling inside my head for a while

* Pruning, cutting back, sorting out the spring bulbs and trying to wrestle the south facing part of the garden into control. one area at a time I think.

* sorting out the snowdrops which my neighbour asked me if I wanted – they have invaded her flower beds. I now have a wheelbarrow full of snowdrops in flower. Luckily, lots of trees and bushes where nothing else grows, so no problem.

* the greenhouse needs clearing out for the spring seed planting – I am late this year. By this time I usually have the first salads and flower seeds under glass.

Then- have to work on the new Website.

That should keep me busy for a few hours! LOL.