Myths about Creative Writing


After the thrill and excitement of receiving copies of my first published book, it is back to business working on new storylines for, hopefully, future books.

It was a delight to share my news with the wonderful romance writing community.  Thanks again to all who sent me their congratulations – it is greatly appreciated.

On the work front, I found seeing my book ‘ in the flesh’ quite invigorating. So nosey to grindstone.

This morning I plunged back into the world of writing to persuade my puddled brain to get back into the groove.

The always useful and informative Jurgen Wolff gave a summary of a very interesting article from the National Council of Teachers of English in the USA who are planning a National Day on Writing. The Council have lots of Resource articles, including this one on-

The Top 10 Myths about Learning to Write . Here are 3 of them:

2. Real writers get it right the first time.

Most of us can’t even write a grocery list without making some changes. Even famous authors, poets, and journalists have to produce a few rough drafts before arriving at their best work. The important thing is to keep writing until you’ve said what you mean.

 3. Kids have nothing interesting to say.

Are you kidding? Anyone who’s spent any time around kids knows they’re full of lively and unique ideas about the world around them.

And they always seem to find things to tell their friends. If we just give kids chances to write down their ideas, we’ll be amazed with what they come up with.

 4. You have to know what you are going to say before you begin writing.

The funny thing about writing is that it actually helps you think. Many writers don’t discover exactly what they’re trying to say until after they’ve written for pages. Writing not only helps kids think deeply, but it helps them find out what they already know-not just in English class but in everything from math to biology to music.


This list makes sense to me – and not only for Kids.

 I wonder if there is a similar National Writing Day in schools in the UK?