For the Woman who has everything

Sometimes it is SO difficult for loved ones to find the perfect gift for the woman in their lives – especially with Mothers Day coming up  – so here is one new invention:

The Bra Dryer


And what happens when this lovely lady is not impressed with your gift?

Just in case you missed this snippet in the Daily Express:


A BUILDER who put his nagging wife up for sale in a trade magazine was shocked when he had several offers for her.’

Now SOMEBODY has to be able to create a cunning romance out of that one – what if the ‘girlfriend’ actually likes the first bloke who comes to pick her up – better then boyfriend who placed the advert? Originally to punish boyfriend  – then thinking that perhaps this was not such a bad idea after all? Especially when new bloke is actually someone who has been her secret admirer?

Yes folks. I am spending an hour spinning wheels waiting for the Fed Ex man to knock on my door, and avoiding the notes on my new storyline.

The idea is the ‘girls in the basement’  – who come up with the brilliant premise which is a lot less boring that the options I currently have – need this kind of food to grow up big and strong. 

So far I suspect bulimia.

If it stops raining, I may have to resort to the manual tasks to engage the old left brain/right brain-Cuprinol the trellis and hack my way into the garden with my trusty machete. OR [ shudder] ironing  [shudder] – where I had a lightbulb moment last week.

Happy weekend everyone.