Happy St Patricks Day


Factoid for you – did you know that my dad was from Kerry, Eire?

Cue auburn hair and hazel green eyes and physique of a shire horse.

I became accustomed to having sprigs of green clover-type leaves pinned to my school uniform. And in some cases what seemed to me like CLUMPS of clover pinned to my uniform. My aunt Kathleen who lives near Cork saw this as her duty.

Happy St Patricks Day. You will forgive me if I forgo the draft Guinness for a glass of the Cabernet Merlot.


On the writing front, I am happy to announce that I now have a MUCH better way of having my hero and heroine get together.

The cunning idea came to me while waiting for the nice DynoRod man to clear the blocked drain infront of the kitchen window. Ah, the exciting life I lead.

And no items of clothing were ironed or otherwise damaged in the process.

Even if I don’t sell this book immediately, this writing will not be wasted and I will have a solid outline and a partial to come back to.

So it is all steam ahead. 🙂