Katie FForde

Good news for Katie Fforde.

Accoring to the Book Trade Press:

‘Katie Fforde’s latest paperback, Wedding Season, has reached number three in the paperback fiction chart. This is Katie’s highest paperback position to date and last week saw Katie’s biggest ever week of sales.

Fantastic news – and from the article it seems that her publisher have invested a lot of time and money in targeting her cover designs and promotions to the perfect demographic.

Rock on!


For the rest of us newbies and mere mortals – here is a link to an article by Susan Wiggs on how to create ‘Artist Dates’ with your creative self.


*Buy a deluxe set of Crayolas, the kind your mother would never get for you. Color like mad!
*Take a bubble bath with a really good book.
*Put on old records or CDs and sing along, following the lyrics in the CD insert or record sleeve.
*Install whimsical fonts on your computer.
*Design an award certificate, citing your own excellence.
*Lie flat on your back in the yard and look up at the stars.
*Make a salad with unusual ingredients, like edible flowers.
*Dye something. . .Anything! Bonus: Use natural dyes like onion skin or beet juice.
*Use no electricity for a whole night.
*Page through a glossy movie magazine you rarely look at.
*Have a Paul Newman and Sean Connery moviefest
and so many more.

Yes I know it sounds geeky, but I think it is great.

Which is why I will be painting the garden fence today and redesigning my patio as I go along.

And I WAS watching the stars while listening to my hedgehog last evening from the comfort of my patio chair. Does that count? [PLease note – no allusions of grandeur chez Ray-Anne. Patio chair, green plastic from supermarket. No teak oil required.]