Feeding the girls


What are the signs that Spring is here?

* Sunshine. I know that Seasonal Effective Disorder is not a joke and use daylight lightbulbs in my office, but it was great to work in the garden last week in real sunshine for once.

* Seeds have germinated in the greenhouse – roll on fresh salad leaves, herb leaves and my first bedding plants.

* Gorgeous minature tulips, daffs and hellibores this year. The mulching seems to have helped.

*I wore flipflops for the first time in 2009.

* The hedgehogs are back to enjoy their cat crunchies every evening.

* I have been catching up with my paperwork for my very FIRST TAX RETURN as a self employed Sole Trader. Thank  heavens for Database spreadsheets and my receipt filing system. The capital items .. I am still thinking about.

I know there is plenty of time before I need to submit to the Revenue, but this seems like the best time to look at subjects like Pre-Trading Expenses and the like, before I – hopefully – start writing to contract again.


And now I have to start studying again to kick start the old brain cell into fiction writing and indulge in my passion for craft tips.

I have come across several sources of Craft Articles: One of the latest is ‘Women on Writing’  which is an excellent resource.

One of the key revision comments I received from my editor at Mills and Boon was how to increase ‘Emotional Depth’. I have now copied and printed out the articles from Melissa James from her ‘Emotional Depth Workshop’ – and in particular her views on Deep Point of View.

Well that should keep me busy for a few days. Happy writing.