Singing Bunnies


It could only happen to me.

I don’t believe in Fate but I have a firm faith in Serendipity.

There I was, yesterday morning, in my local discount Book shop cum stationary and gift shop, innocently looking for a paperback of an old thriller title, when the girl carrying a big box stood next to me and yelled at the asssistant behind the counter:

‘Where do you want the Singing Bunnies?’

IN an instant my writer’s head screamed -OMG I have got to use that as a Book Title.

Have to. No doubt.

I can see it now.

Imagine if you will a pastel coloured trade paperback with the drawing of a girl in a summer strappy dress carrying a basket of spring flowers and the following words

‘Bring on the Singing Bunnies’

I wonder if I could buy one as a taxeable expense? Um?

In the interim I have discovered not one but TWO cool new words today:

FARDEL – middle english = Burden. As in ‘What fardels would I not bear knowing that such a treat awaited me.’

KVETCH – a splendid yiddish word for a constant whining complainer.

Both of these new words came from a blog post from the lit agent Richard Curtis on the durth of the editor’s lunch. Booh Hiss. 🙂