As a former academic – I LOVE doing research. Which can be a dangerous thing because of the SERIOUS amount of time it sucks from my day.

Example. One of the new story ideas I am working on now has my architect hero design a commercial orchid growing greenhouse/shade house for my heroine’s family business.

Cue much internet work on commerical glasshouses for orchid growers.


I had NO IDEA there could be so many:

* specialist growing conditions for orchid species from specific habitats/microclimates

* commercial orchid growers and amateur growers in the UK

* variety of detail available on the internet. It is amazingly popular!

This could be never ending! Definitely time to set a fixed window to answer specific questions relative TO THE STORY and move on.


I think the key is to keep it focused and specific to the love story and how it brings them together and keeps them together – but WOW that is tough! FAR too interesting.

I may have to buy myself an orchid as part of the research  A fragrant cymbidium perhaps? LOL.  Sometimes I have so little willpower.