Good news from the frontline


My good news is that the editor at Mills and Boon ‘LOVES’ one of the story ideas that I pitched to them a few weeks back and thinks that it is a winner.

Ladies and Gentlemen.  I believe that I have a GO for a new book.

PHEWWW!! I am one relieved young lady, I can tell you. Details about the new contract are still to be agreed, but I am back in business and they are willing to take a risk on me. Again.

So – time to get back to work in earnest.

I have:

– the basic Story Plot Idea and broad outline synopsis/pitch – about 4 pages

– the setting and  a cunning plan to bring the hero and heroine together

– and crucially, I have my Hero and Heroine characters firmly in place, the backstory and visual images to work from.

So out come the BIG GUNS. And for me that means:

* Building up the character profiles. How do I SHOW the backstory through Reveals and demonstrations as opposed to introspection. Cue Key Reveal Scenes and Set Pieces.

* Huge amount of brainstorming around how to build even more layers into the deeply emotional scenario my poor heroine has to fight her way through – and then, the big one

* The Emotional Story Structure.  How to frame the emotional journey these two people are going to take into the most effective story possible in a few number of pages. Create a spine and plan the action/response plan etc. as they fall in love.

I have a new craft book to help me. I mentioned this in an earlier post, but I have found it a brilliant way of spinning my brain into Lateral Thinking and playing the ‘What If’ game.

EMOTIONAL STRUCTURE -Creating the Story Beneath the Plot – by Peter Dunne.

This is a dense book, packed with brilliant insights, written in an open format. Go here to read an extract using the new Google Browse system.

Yes, I know, I know, but when it comes to craft books and articles, I am very little will power.

But this. Is a fabulous book. Forget the fact that it was written for Screenwriters.

Screenwriters have about 100 pages to create their entire 2 hour film. And most of those pages have to be both plot and emotion driven, so this is where craft is crucial.

At the moment I am working my way throught it chapter by chapter, and have already added pages of new ideas and layers to my storyline. I already know that I will have a stronger story with much more emotional power by the end.

AND it has shown me that I already know a lot more about my characters than I had orginally thought.

So all I have to do is mentally process all of this info, digest it, then create a wonderful story. GULP.

But for now, I will leave you with a spic of my new Hero: FINN. Please excuse the drool. 🙂