In honour of selling my second book to HMBoon, I ordered a gold charm for my ‘author’ charm bracelet and it arrived yesterday.


I think it contrasts well with the two solid gold charms in heart shapes I already have. So off to the jewellers.

On the work front, I am developing the story line for my new book, and there are two key questions which need to be answered today for both my hero and my heroine:

  • WHY HER? And WHY NOW? What has happened to make this event happen NOW?

These link to Motivation –

  • Why does she want her goal? external conflict.
  • Why does she REALLY want it? Internal conflict/identity/self-identity and self worth
  • Why does she REALLY REALLY want it? Internal conflict and deep motivation. What is missing in her life that she will have to face?

And what would happen if she didn’t get it?

If the answer is nothing much – she would just slouch along as before – then I don’t have a story.

Cue my hero. The lovely Finn. And then I have to repeat all of these questions for him too.

And then I am off to the gym. On foot. Did I mention that I am on hols mid May in Greece and this may require the exposure of skin to the sunlight? Shudder. [ See Ray-Anne quickly hide away the M and S sticky toffee pudding [ 99p for 2 this week] and custard]


All good stuff. And the sun is shining here. Hope it is shining on you and your world.