Jude Law and ‘The Holiday’



Do you recall the recent movie ‘The Holiday’ starring Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jack Black? And Rufus of course as bad boy Jasper who dumps Kate for the more financially and career advancing girl but still turns up to torment her.

Orpheum Theatre

 The basic storyline was that two girls with man troubles exchange addresses over the Christmas holiday period and find love where they least expect it.

I enjoyed it. The critics hated it.

Especially the Jude Law character who we first meet when he is totally drunk.  Jude Law is a widower with two children who are, sorry to say, used very much as plot devices, and both couples seem to fall WAY too easily over a couple of days when they have just left people they thought they loved. But all the characters have been given far too little to work on in this movie.


From the writers POV there are some interesting things to learn from the script which came from well respected Nancy Meyers.

There is an excellent review in ‘Emotional Toolbox’ site which I picked up because it focused on the:

Three Fundamental Elements in an Appealing Romantic Comedy.

* There must be a real ‘Battle’ between the lovers with a convincing difference in views and values.

* Both love interests must grow and change through their relationhip with one another.

* The lovers must choose the soul mate by rejecting the appropriate mate who on the face of it is a far better match than the totally inappropriate soul mate tantalising our heroine.

Basically to work on an emotional level the potential lovers have to overcome obstacles from the : external conflict, the internal forces and the conflict with others over their potential choice.

Where is the risk if there is nothing keeping our lovers apart? What tremendous obstacles do they have to overcome to find love?

And in turn, where is the emotional investment in this story when so little hangs in the balance?

I shall be working on these questions today for my new story. At the moment I have several options. Time to get busy!

Now who would you choose if you were our Kate? Jack Black nice guy or Rufus bad boy? LOL.