Unexpected visitor

Yesterday evening -about 6.30 – I was sitting in the greenhouse enjoying the bright warm sunny afternoon and reading my notes about oral rabies vaccines inside animal bait – as we all do -when Mr Ray-Anne hissed – ‘Look over there’ –

The smallest hedgehog I had ever seen was trying to drown itself in our garden pond by leaning forward several inches and half standing on the marsh marigold leaves to take a drink.  I ran inside to find camera while alpha man saved the critter. 


After much gentle coaching with a plastic tray he decided to drink from a plant saucer instead. Then was presented with a fine tray of assorted cat crunchies and pork mince and a few sultanas which he chewed for ages.

Normally our hogs arrive well after dark and gorge themselves on cat crunchies and other treats, but is it VERY rare to see a tiny one out in bright hot sunshine. He must have been seriously hungry and thirsty. And seemed blinded and deaf to anything around him.

The funniest part was when he decided that he has enough and staggered/fell/waddled down the steps and made his way to our front drive – he clearly knew his route – and I stood in the road to stop any cars squishing him- he could hardly see – as he waddled across to the next garden.


Wildlife. We likes it. 🙂

On the WORK front, I have discovered a new website – ISERENITY  – which provides background sounds rather than music from your PC as you work to create the latest bestseller. Birdsong is my fav. What’s yours? 🙂 Happy writing.