Jude Law and ‘The Holiday’

  Do you recall the recent movie ‘The Holiday’ starring Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jack Black? And Rufus of course as bad boy Jasper who dumps Kate for the more… Continue reading


In honour of selling my second book to HMBoon, I ordered a gold charm for my ‘author’ charm bracelet and it arrived yesterday. I think it contrasts well with the two solid gold… Continue reading

Good news from the frontline

My good news is that the editor at Mills and Boon ‘LOVES’ one of the story ideas that I pitched to them a few weeks back and thinks that it is a winner.… Continue reading


As a former academic – I LOVE doing research. Which can be a dangerous thing because of the SERIOUS amount of time it sucks from my day. Example. One of the new story ideas I… Continue reading

Singing Bunnies

It could only happen to me. I don’t believe in Fate but I have a firm faith in Serendipity. There I was, yesterday morning, in my local discount Book shop cum stationary and… Continue reading

Feeding the girls

What are the signs that Spring is here? * Sunshine. I know that Seasonal Effective Disorder is not a joke and use daylight lightbulbs in my office, but it was great to work in… Continue reading

Katie FForde

Good news for Katie Fforde. Accoring to the Book Trade Press: ‘Katie Fforde’s latest paperback, Wedding Season, has reached number three in the paperback fiction chart. This is Katie’s highest paperback position to… Continue reading

Happy St Patricks Day

Factoid for you – did you know that my dad was from Kerry, Eire? Cue auburn hair and hazel green eyes and physique of a shire horse. I became accustomed to having sprigs… Continue reading

For the Woman who has everything

Sometimes it is SO difficult for loved ones to find the perfect gift for the woman in their lives – especially with Mothers Day coming up  – so here is one new invention:… Continue reading

Fun music

I am usually a Bach girl when I am writing – but sometimes it is nice to have a few FUN tracks to my playlist. Kate Hardy has a lot to answer for.… Continue reading