The Craft of Writing Romance

Okay.  I confess. I am a total writing craft junkie.  Can’t get enough of it.  I NEED THOSE TOOLS! [And a stylish toolbelt] I LOVE reading articles and blog posts from authors and… Continue reading

More good news

This is turning out to be quite a week!   I HAVE SOLD MY SECOND BOOK to Mills and Boon! The editors loved the revisions. Apparently I made them laugh, cry and drool… Continue reading

Myths about Creative Writing

After the thrill and excitement of receiving copies of my first published book, it is back to business working on new storylines for, hopefully, future books. It was a delight to share my… Continue reading

A special moment- my first book

While I was out enjoying the company of fellow Romantic Novelists at the Reading Chapter of the RNA, a very nice postie delivered a parcel from Harlequin Mills and Boon. With copies of… Continue reading

On with the show

My new crown is fitted and I now have gold, platinum and assorted other rare metals helping me chew my hot cross buns. All glued in with a glass acid etch paste. Sometimes… Continue reading

Fun Stuff

Ah, the exciting and stylish life of an author. Yesterday was spent in the garden. While two hunky heroes took down my old wooden garden fence and put up a lovely new one… Continue reading


The Revisions for my Second Mills and Boon Romance line book are now with the Editors. [ See Ray-Anne run back of hand across moist brow.] I have never sweated and torn my… Continue reading

Clever Adverts

Some advertising companies seem to have a real ability to capture the zeitgeist – On the other hand, there are those who seem to think that combining Jane Austen with ‘Zombie carnage’ will be… Continue reading


Kate Hardy was curious about the 13th centurychurch of St Nicholas in Freefolk we passed on Sunday. This lovely little church is rarely used and was closed on our walk – and there is a nice summary on this… Continue reading

Winter walks

Now that most of the snow has melted and the forecast was for dry weather, it was time to try out Mr Ray-Anne’s handheld GPS and go for one of the many country… Continue reading