Starting a new story

List of things needed to create new story:1. Do I have a compelling story idea which will not go away? YES2. Do I have an idea for a heroine who needs me to… Continue reading

RNA conference – the sequel

What a weekend!I have only been to one other RNA conference – Penrith, last year, and as a conference ‘virgin’ focused on the workshops/presentations which were excellent. This year I can honestly say… Continue reading


My heroine has just made gnocchi in the kitchen of her Deli – so being of a perfectionist nature, I had to make some for myself.Potatoe gnocchi is not as difficult as you… Continue reading

Book Videos

Just picked up a link from the excellent JURGEN WOLFF site on the new Simon and Shuster series of Book Videos where authors talk in their own homes and offices about their work.… Continue reading

RNA Conference Prep

Time to think about the RNA conference – next weekend!! Help!Are there useful articles out there about how to get the best from Conferences? Silly question – I was exhausted by the second… Continue reading

Advise from Agents on How to Get Published

I came across this link to the Folio Literary Agency through Romance Divas, and it is well worth reading the advice from these very experienced agents on both the content of submission letters… Continue reading

Myers-Brigg Personality Testing first came across this type of personality testing when interviewing folks in a company I used to work for, since they were industry standard in matching job roles vs candidates, but I… Continue reading

Little Black Dress- Editors

I noticed this press release in today’s Publishing News: Headline promotions: As part of its commitment to building its fiction lists. Headline has made a number of promotions “designed to strengthen its commissioning… Continue reading

Time Management

Having created this blog in January, it is now time to start posting! Ah, the joys of time management. I am now in deep revision mode. working each of the four acts of… Continue reading


A rare picture of Ray-Anne indulging in something close to a physical sport activity. No – not January in the UK, but Switzerland in September 2006 when I braved the glacier, near Gstaad,… Continue reading