Mills and Boon in Waterstones

I picked this interesting snippet up from The Bookseller mag in an interview with Claire Summerville: ‘Although HMB has a big trade in supermarkets, it largely bypassed the EUK meltdown because it supplies… Continue reading


The view from my kitchen window this morning was of this wintry scene:    Quickly followed by porridge and piping hot coffee. Sniff. I am still firing on 5 out of my usual… Continue reading


  Despite this morning’s snow falls, I am more or less recovered from ‘the lurgy’ bar the coughing, so it is time to hit the ideas files and start work on developing a few favourites… Continue reading

Books make great gifts

 French Rugby players – go here for the more – cough, revealing pics. I picked up this little gem from the Telegraph – Mills & Boon team up with Rugby Football Union for a… Continue reading

New girl, new school, new term

Well at least that is what it feels like today. 4 things to report: 1. like so many others I succumbed to the pestilence doing the rounds to the point that I was reduced… Continue reading

Happy New Year

January. From the word for the god Janus. One body. Two heads looking both backwards and forwards. How apt. I cannot actually believe that time has passed so quickly! What happened to the… Continue reading

Looking forward

Going off line now for a few days – I need to focus on rewriting book two for Mills and Boon, and I know that my hunky hero needs work during the layering process. … Continue reading

Author as a Brand

 I am now a Brand. Or rather an extension of the Harlequin Mills and Boon Brand with my own voice and personal characteristics. Yes, I have been asked to supply a Biography and… Continue reading

Product Life Cycle for a New Book

    I am looking at my Goals for next year, and came across some notes from last year re the Stages I need to plan for each book – taken straight from… Continue reading


Thursday was spent off-site. Yesterday evening was the Christmas meal for Mr Ray-Anne’s work and I was invited! Result – especially since it was being held at Waddeston Manor – a National Trust… Continue reading